How to use the expert advisors

Important !!! These expert advisors are designed for MetatTrader4. First, use them for a

certain period in demo account. Don’t use big lots, don’t take unnecessary risks. Here are the main actions needed to launch the expert advisor

(Locate yor working folder (File->Open data folder


Open the MQL4 folder

Copy the expert advisor files in MQL4/Experts/ and indicator files in MQL4/Indicators


Restart MetaTrader 4

Go to Tools -> Options and open the options tab

Open the Experts tab 

Add to the alowed urls for WebRequest

Find your expert advisor in  Expert Advisors in the Navigator

Attach the expert advisor to the corresponding chart and timeframe. You can find that info in the description page of the expert advisor

When you attach the expert advisor to the chart , the expert options will appear.Make

sure you check the allow live trading and the autotrading button is enabled

Go to the inputs tab and fill the right lots , key and GMT settings. The key you can find in your

subscription e-mail. The GMT setting is important because the expert advisors are designed to work

in specific timeframe. If your brocker is in different timeframe, you can set that GMT parameter in the

coresponding value. It can be negative number or positive. For example if the GMT time  is 8  , and in the

same time the clock in the MarketWatch of your MT is showing 9 then your GMT setting must be set to 1 

If the server time was 7 , you must set GMT to -1. If the GMT time is equal to the time in the

broker time , then you can set it to 0 (which is the default value). IF there is no GMT parameter, this means that

the trading robot is not affected from GMT settings and you dont need to wory about that parameter

Make sure you see “working” in the upper left corner and smile icon in the upper right corner



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